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Eurovision 2016 Review – San Marino

The fans have spoken and Serhat will be performing the disco version of “I Didn’t Know” in Stockholm this May. Last year, San Marino did not make to the finals and many don’t think it will this year. However, I think it could.

Why Serhat will wind up in the Eurovision 2016 finals:

  1. Out the box. Serhat is doing something different. Every year Eurovision purists gripe about the monotony of the tracks submitted. Although derivative, the track stands on a plane alone this year.
  2. Nostalgia. I have been watching old Eurovision finals and dare I say this could have won a pre 2008 Eurovision Song Contest? Guess what? Those older Eurovision fans will be having welcome flashbacks.
  3. It’s ridiculous. Let’s be real, a little bit of cheese on the ESC stage isn’t so bad. Serhat is giving creepy old man a whole new meaning and making us dance. People will vote for this, and some juries are gonna throw some points in.
  4. Why not? Look, Eurovision is supposed to be fun. When did we start taking this so SERIOUSLY? Look, I want a quality act just like the next music aficionado but that doesn’t mean I have zero appreciation for a smile and a wink. San Marino and Serhat are being a little tongue in cheek with the entry which I’ll give them a pass for.

The idea of San Marino being in the finals isn’t seeming so crazy to me now. Semi final 1 is going to be tough and we are going to see some quality acts fall by the wayside… But would it be a Eurovision final without an act with some humor? I’d prefer that humor to come from Georgia, but San Marino seamlessly fits the bill.

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