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Eurovision 2016 Review – Romania

Romania never disappoints me it comes to picking an act to entertain us and wake us up from some boring ballad. This act may not end up in the final, but it isn’t bad. This is 1970s classic theatrical rock  ala Meatloaf, and I like that. “Moment of Silence” may have some ESC fan wanting silence, but Ovidiu Anton’s vocals are something to experience.

Anton can perform live with pitch perfect, powerful vocals. I did not follow Romania’s national selection process but this entry is strong.

In the darkest nights feel the power in you
Take a moment of silence and fight for the truth
Watching the days go by nothing changed, nothing new
Take a moment of silence and fight for the truth

Will this get votes? Sure. Will this be in the final? No. This doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate what this entry is bringing to the competition this year…

Wait… What if Romania does qualify?

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