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Eurovision 2016 Review – Bosnia & Herzegovina

When I heard the Deen of “In the Disco” fame was coming back to Eurovision, I was both scared and excited. The entry, “Ljubav Je” from Bosnia & Herzegovina is sung by Dalal & Deen featuring Ana Rucner (cellist) and Jala, a rapper.

The song starts off strong. The Balkan sound comes in heavy and Deen and Dalal’s vocals are perfect to carry the powerful entry. We haven’t seen Bosnia & Herzegovina in the song contest since 2012 and this entry is definitely a strong return. Overall, I really like this entry. It isn’t in my top 10 but it’s strong no doubt.

Where is the song in my list? I admit that I’m unsure if “Ljubav Je” is strong enough to make it out of the semis. The rap section is a bit interesting, I don’t hate it. Why they decided to include a rap section is beyond me, though.

I’m curious to see how they stage this in Stockholm this May. The entry almost feels like 3 different songs and that variety could appeal to a broad group of voters…

What do you think of “Ljubav Je”

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