My Norway Favorite: Laila Samuels, Afterglow

Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix is super competitive this year and I’m not surprised. Norway is one of my top picks to possible win Eurovision 2016. Recent years have featured strong Eurovision acts from Norway and I’m sure this year will be no different.

My favorite MGP entry from Norway is Laila Samuels with Afterglow and after talking with her she fully has my 12 points! Laila calls Germany home but hails from Oslo, Norway. Laila was the lead singer in the 90s girl group The Tuesdays. Do you remember them? I do. I remember seeing them on TRL and loved their 90s girl rock attitude.

Laila has been in the music industry writing for different artists (like Lena) and when she had the opportunity to submit a song for Eurovision, “I just felt it was time to get back on stage.

I know I love the song but I had to ask her what she thought makes her song a winning song. She said, “It’s very honest and vulnerable. I’m putting my heart out there– and can only hope that it resonates with people.”

I’m always curious about who an artist would want to collaborate with. Since Laila wrote for Lena and collaboration between the two would be welcome. Laila joked about how she has a musical she wrote. “I’m sure he [Björn from ABBA] could take it to unknown heights,” she added.

It may be called the Eurovision Song Contest but we all know how important the onstage performance is. Laila will be all alone on stage but she promises a show!

Check out some of our Q&A below:

1. What would it mean for you to represent Norway in Sweden this May?
I would represent with heart and soul… I would take it super seriously to represent in a good way.. and I’d be very grateful…
2. What song is currently stuck in your head?

Undress by Oscar & the Wollf and actually their whole album. I’m listening to it non -stop lately and Backroads from Lonely the Brave.

3. What artists are you inspired by?
Prince… Lenny Kravitz …Sheryl Crow. People with good lyrics. I love a lot of different stuff.
4. If you could collaborate with ANYONE dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Right now I’d say Prince, Oscar & the Wollf, and maybe Freddie Mercury too.

5. Do you have a message for your fans and potential new fans?

I am fascinated by this whole Eurovision world. I never knew it existed. It’s like a secret society– and it’s so big. I did a radio interview in Berlin the other day with ESC radio… I’m surprised by all the love. It’s such a positive atmosphere. I’m loving it and I am one of you from now on.

6. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in life?
I have recently learned that nothing can break me. I can get up again from the lowest of lows. I am an Amazon, but you need love…

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