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Eurovision 2016: Top 43 Ranking Broken Down

Eurovision is a really competitive year, but I knew the time would come when I’d need to break down my top 43. The idea of choosing my number one favorite proved too difficult. The weaker songs this year aren’t even that weak!

I knew, that I had to find some way to articulate what I’m in love with… This graphic is breaking down where my mind is at right now. These thing may change once we see these performances live, but I had to start choosing favorites. Simply ranking the acts wasn’t enough. I’m placing everything in a category, The Shining Stars to the Null Point. The A-Ok are pretty good, but the Needs Improvement has a while to go before I’ll fall in love with the entry.

Check out this colorful Eurovision infographic, made by yours truly, that is my top 43 broken down.


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