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Alesia Michelle (USA)

I’m Alesia and I’m that rare American Eurovision fan. I’ve been obsessed since 2010. How could I not fall in love with a competition that has grandmothers, polish milkmaids, and rapping twins on stage?

Although I love to sing, I leave it to the professionals to “wow” me. So I majored in Broadcast Journalism in college and am currently a radio personality in Washington, DC. with Mix 107.3 owned by Cumulus Media.

I love to vlog, blog, and tweet. When I’m not behind my computer I’m at happy hour with my friends or figuring out what color to dye my hair.

Eurovision 2016 Review – Lithuania

Donny Montell’s I‘ve been waiting for this night is an exuberant pop piece that I’ve been trying to figure out if N’Sync released this track…(just kidding) It’s early 2000s sound does not sound dated and instead acts as a fresh nostalgic ...

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Eurovision 2016 Review – Malta

Malta has never won the Eurovision Song Contest. I’m a big believer in countries that haven’t hosted getting some preference when it comes to voting. I am happy that Malta decided to switch up songs. Walk on Water is stronger ...

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Eurovision 2016 Review – Belgium

Belgium is really trying to make this song “happen“. The production of “What’s the Pressure” is quality and the music video to accompany the entry is well made. Laura Tesoro is no novice performer and has been performing professionally since the ...

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Eurovision 2016 Review – Ireland

I’m really looking forward to seeing Ireland in the finals. I really like, “Sunlight,” and believe that Nicky will deliver a strong performance on the Eurovision stage. Ireland is the most successful country in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. ...

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Eurovision 2016 Review – Croatia

Calm Down Croatia Fans! It isn’t May and we are not on the Eurovision stage in Stockholm, Sweden. The minute Croatia released “Lighthouse” from Nina Kraljić, the internet was ablaze. Fans from all over Europe were ready to crown Croatia with ...

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