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Eurovision 2016 Review – Australia

Australia has delivered again. The “Sound of Silence” is reminiscent of Sia without sounding derivative and shines with powerful vocals and sincerity.

It’s no mystery that I was a fan of “Tonight Again” and I’m happy that Australia decided to keep up the momentum with this offering. Dami Im is a seasoned talent that won X-Factor Australia in 2013. Dami Im is a trained pianist, but I don’t expect to see her behind a piano in Stockholm. Although, we don’t know what Australia has planned for the stage I’m thinking they could take a page out of Polina Gagarina’s playbook from last year. This song has the ability to stand on its own with Dami Im standing solo on stage with maybe a dancer or two.

This ballad has teeth, it moves with ease and hits when it needs to. The team behind this song is Australian ONLY and I love that. No shade to countries that collaborate with writers outside their own, but it says something to rep your country with a product that is YOURS. This will be in the finals. This will finish top 10, and it should be top 5– if not win it all.

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