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Eurovision 2016 Review – Russia

So y’all are just going to let Russia up and win this? This entry has top 3 written all over it and it is well deserved. The song isn’t terribly unique but it has a catchy quality that many of the male upbeat acts aren’t delivering. This is going to be amazing live. “You’re the Only One was composed by  Dimitris Kontopoulos and Philip Kirkorov.

This song deserves every bit of praise it is receiving. The song begins to pull you in from the beginning and doesn’t let you go. Sergey’s vocals are clear and the momentum of the song is perfect. There isn’t anything about this that falls flat.

This entry isn’t just getting exciting it’s going to be a highlight in the song contest and Sergey Lazarev could easily take top honors– deservedly.

What male singer are you obsessed with this year?

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