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Eurovision 2016 Review – Denmark

Denmark’s Eurovision 2016 pre selection crowned Lighthouse X the winner. Anja and Simone fans, it is time to put down the torches and get behind Lighthouse X. This song is not that bad and they killed their onstage performance (that’s ...

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Eurovision 2016 Review – Lithuania

Donny Montell’s I‘ve been waiting for this night is an exuberant pop piece that I’ve been trying to figure out if N’Sync released this track…(just kidding) It’s early 2000s sound does not sound dated and instead acts as a fresh nostalgic ...

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Eurovision 2016 Review – Malta

Malta has never won the Eurovision Song Contest. I’m a big believer in countries that haven’t hosted getting some preference when it comes to voting. I am happy that Malta decided to switch up songs. Walk on Water is stronger ...

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