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Fernando Méndez (Spain/Belgium)
Hello! My name is Fernando Méndez. I've been a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest since Belgium's first (and so far only) victory. Maybe that's what moved me from my homeland Spain to "La Belgique"... My Eurovision passion remains unwithered after so many years and with ESC+Plus I hope to enjoy it with all of you.

Diez propuestas para España (1ª parte)

Pues señor: empezó el proceso de selección del representante español en Eurovisión 2017 en la Internet. Las 30 canciones elegidas en el Eurocasting ya se han dado a conocer. Llama poderosamente la atención el nivel de preparación que presentan todos ...

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From Eurovision to Worldvision?

Well, the question was raised during the past Eurovision Song Contest and the answer seemed to be that such thing is not going to happen in the near future, and it is not expected to happen in the way that it has ...

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